It’s Great to Be Alive: Storytelling with Jay Leavitt about the Drive-By-Truckers presents:

Cause And EffectIt’s Great to Be Alive: Storytelling with Jay Leavitt about the Drive-By-Truckers

Tonight from 7PM to 9PM and only on WRIR , there will be a shift in Caue & Effect's normal format to accommodate my special on air guest Jay Leavitt.

He is a close friend of Patterson Hood from the Drive-By-Truckers (as well as the whole band) and he and Patterson have cooked up a terrific show. I will surrender the mic over to Jay for the evening and just let him do his thing.

Much like the music of the Truckers, tonight will be two hours of storytelling. Jay will be offering up the story of this band using music by the band's influences, off-shoot projects, the band's catalog (rare live tracks too!), musical peers, and the bands who have been influenced by the Truckers. All of this will be narrated by Jay live and for a final touch of awesomeness, I will be posting Patterson's notes about the songs here with the tracklisting as well.

Jay is a gifted and engaging speaker who will be able to share the story of the Truckers in a way that no one else could come close to. If you are a fan of the Drive-By-Truckers, you will not want to miss this very personal and touching account of the band and their ties to Richmond, VA.


The Truckers are playing in RVA tomorrow night and for information you can go here.

To read Patterson Hood's notes about some of the tracks we played tonight, go here.

Song Artist Album Label Year


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    June 9th, 2011

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