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Hey Listeners,

It's my Summer Fund Drive Show.  I'm real exccited about it.  We'll kick the show off with the world premier of my new Billy Joe Shaver Station ID recorded after his show at Ashland Coffee and Tea last week.  We'll follow it up with some more Billy Joe then kick off the second set with all new release tracks.


Around 11:30 I'll interview Patti Rothberg.  It's a long story, but she's an artist that I played this summer with my neighbor Bo.  One thing to another and we're doing a live telephone interview.  I've got a set or two of music around the interview including tracks from her first record Between the 1 and the 9 and her latest record – Overnight Sensation. I'll also play some artists that she recommended for various reasons.

We'll close the show with some tracks from Watch the closing Doors and maybe a track or two from the new Live at WRIR CD.

Feel free to donate during my show – online or call me in the studio.  I've got 2 Patti Rothberg CDs to give away and I'll add $100 to anyone's $100 donation and pay for them to host MY show. What a deal.  Call me @ 804.649.9737.

The Haberdasher

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    September 19th, 2011

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