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Hope your New Year's Eve was fantastic!

Sup, y'alls? I got told today that my lack of appreciation for 'Jack and Diane' and 'Pink Houses' by John Cougar Mellencamp was an indication that I didn't like music with poetry in it. 'Fie on you, Satan!' says I! I'm rebutting that claim with a bunch of tunes/bands I think have the qualities of poetry about them. While still keeping to my regular theme – that's right, we're still gettin' drunk, just like the poet in that X-Cops song – because poetry is always the better for having some form to fight against. So sayeth I.

UPDATE: Download the podcast! It was poetic! Like, EPIC poetry! Okay, not that epic. But really good, anyways, I think. Mostly because it was me playing music I really love. About getting drunk. Check it out by clicking here. As always, we are on Facebook, and I get happy-faces when it says another person liked my Facebook page. You can check it out by clicking here

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Josh Sturgill


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    January 2nd, 2012

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