The Crunge - Ep. 3 - Oh So Mellow - 1-23-2012 presents:

The Crunge – Ep. 3 – Oh So Mellow – 1-23-2012

Some aural relaxation to close a crazy weekend and start off the last week of January '12 in a peaceful mindstate. This mostly mellow*** playlist features everyone from Funkadelic to Pat Metheny to Cut Chemist and some killer covers of Zeppelin, Floyd & Hendrix tracks.

An additional congratulations to Enzo for a legendary 5 years hosting the Monday morning Breakfast Blend. I'm honored to "open" for his last show today.

*originally released in Lemon Jelly's 2nd EP "The Yellow" (1999), but with only 1,000 copies released, the track is more commonly associated with compilation album, released one year later.

** features vocals by Thom Yorke

***had to sneak "Welcome to the Machine" in there… not exactly ocean sounds, and things got a little funky in the end nearing Enzo's last Breakfast Blend extravaganza

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    January 22nd, 2012

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