Mellow Madness 1/22/12 Recent Digs presents:

Mellow MadnessMellow Madness 1/22/12 Recent Digs

I've got some recent record finds to share with you today. Took a couple weeks off to go look for some new radio material and I think you'll be happy with the music that I've brought back. Lots of 45s, and Virginia Soul. Plus some other goodies thrown in there just for fun. Have a great day listening to Your community radio station, WRIR!

South Shore Commision / Shadows / Nickel

Lee Moses / Free At Last / Maple Records

Dream Team / There He Is / Gregory

Four Mints / You're My Desire / Holiday

Bobby McClure / Sitting in the Park / February 11 Records

Laurie Tate and the Untouchables / Please Tell Me / FAAP

Ruth Brown / I Don't Know / Atlantic

Philharmonics / I Need You / Soulin

James Bell and the Highlighters Band / The Love of My Girl /


The Trells / I'm Sorry / Port City

The Gospel Sensations / What A Friend / Pinewood Records

The Relatives / Leave Something Worthwhile / Heavy Light Records

The Relatives / Heaven Help Us All / Heavy Light Records

The Parliaments / Good Old Music / Revilot

Manuel B Halcomb and his Band / I Stayed Away Too Long / Diamond Jim

Harvey and Phenominals / Soul and Sunshine / (Numero)

Chuck Carbo / Can I Be Your Squeeze / Canyon

Larry Birdsong / Every Night of The Week / Sur-Speed Records

Bee Bee Butler / Sweet Sweet Life / SMC


Jus' Us / Don't Stop Smiling / Boddie (Numero)

Los Nombres / Loving You / Boddie (Numero)

Jade / Start With the Children / Pesante

Jade / Music Slave / Pesante

Shake / Music Is The Only Way We Can Communicate / Guess

Larry McGee revolutions / The Burg / Boogie Band Records

New Chains /  Like A Friend / Enterprise

Etta James / Seven Day Fool / Argo

Maurice Dollison  and the Turnkeys / The Earthworm / m-pac

Steve Mancha / Hate Yourself In The Morning / Groove City Records

Marvin Smith / You're Really Something Sadie / Mayfield

The Imperial Wonders / Trying To Get To You / Black Prince

Errol Gaye and the Imaginations / Love And Affection / Steel Town

Queenie McFarland / I Need A Full Time Lover / A&T Records

Claud Huey / Feel Good All Over / Early Bird

Jackie Verdell / Are You Ready For This / Decca

Four Mints / Can't get Strung Out / Capsoul

Dickie Wonder / No Stronger Love / Sound of Soul

Mike Murphy


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    January 22nd, 2012

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