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If Music Could TalkIf Music Could Talk with Mr. Felty

Welcome to If Music Could Talk. I’ll be filling in for DJ Carlito tonight with a fun variety mix of Reggae, International psych, electronica, and more. Happy Holidays friends!!!

Augustus Pablo – Vibrate On / Black Art (Lee Perry production)

The Heptones – Mistry Babylon / Black Art (Lee Perry production)

The Upsetters – You Can Dub / Black Art (Lee Perry production)

Lee Perry – Bathroom Skank / Black Art (Lee Perry production)

The Upsetters – Enter The Dragon / Black Art (Lee Perry production)

Peter Metro – Frontline / Sonic Sounds

Tullo T – We a' De Teacher / Justice

Congo Ashanti Roy – Jah Love / Kotoko

Paul Ngozi – On The Go / Shadoks

Ceejebs – Eti Ufok / Sound Way

Esperanto – Suely Os Kantikus / Acadamy – Bully

Shark Move – Evil War / Shadoks

Edip Akbayram Dostlar – Mehmet Emmi / Burc Plakcilik 

Afet Serenay – Maden Dagi / Bouzouki Joe

The Orkustra – Gypsy Oddesey / Arizona Summer

Wagon Christ – Shadows / Ninja Tune

The Free Association – Sugar Man / Mercury Limited

9 Lazy 9 – SundayMonday / Nija Tune

Dudley Perkins – Yo' Soul / Stones Throw

Express Rissing – Bye, Sell, Tirade / Memphix 

Amazing Ghost – I Getuppa / Electric Cowbell

? Some remix on the Shoes Label ?

The Audible Doctor – Snapped / Ten Twelve Records

Cut Chemist – Coast To Coast / Plug Research

Ammoncontact – The Stars Are Singing Too / Soul Jazz

Oliver Christian – Dissatisfied Man / Legrand

Meaty Ogre – Bell Of The Beast / Heardrums

Amicabilities – Burnt Ends / Memphix

Periphery – Outskirts / Dove Ink

Raga Madhuvanti / Bombay Connections

Mr. Felty and DJ Pari


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    May 27th, 2012

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