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A Party Of OneParty of One: Smells Like the 90s

Time for another 90s show.  Dig it.

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Asie Payton – Asie's Jam
Janes Addiction – Classic Girl
REM – Radio Song
Veruca Salt – Seether
They Might Be Giants – Narrow Your Eyes
Beck – Derelict
The Breeders – Do You Love Me Now?
Sonic Youth – On The Strip
Ween – What Deaner was talkin' about
Cracker – I Ride My Bike
Frog Legs- Land of the lost
Cake – Frank Sinatra
Fugazi – Margin Walker
Radiohead – The Bends
Jimi & Me – Party of One Theme
Space – Female of the Species
Eve Plum – I Want it All
Hole – Was she asking for it
Smashing Pumpkins – Soma
Guided by Voices – Motor Away
Morphine – Cure for the pain
Dead Milkmen – Beach Song
Zack Attack – Friends Forever
Nine inch Nails – You're too Physical
Primus – Here Come The Bastards
Nirvana – Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge on Seattle
Pixies – Hey
Built To Spill – Made-up Dreams
Pearl Jam – Garden
Paul Westerburg – Waiting for Somebody
Muppets – Closing Theme – Thanks for listening!!



Playlist temporarily unavailable.

    July 28th, 2012

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