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Tuesday, September 18, 2012
“Novelist, Sheila Ortiz-Taylor"

Born to a large Mexican-American family in Los Angeles in 1939, Chicana lesbian writer Sheila Ortiz-Taylor became a respected teacher of writing and literature.  She recorded her feelings and thoughts as a young child, and by the time she was a student in junior high she was writing her own poetry and plays.

Taylor earned many college degrees and is known for the diversity of her teaching interests, from Women’s Studies to Chicana Literature. With an interest in creative writing, she has been writer-in-residence at a number of locations.

Taylor’s first novel, Faultline, was published in 1982, and is credited as the first to feature an out lesbian Chicana protagonist.  Afterward came other novels, a memoir and a volume of poetry. Clearly, she has cleared a path for Latina lesbians in literature.
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    September 18th, 2012

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