Tromdrone presents:

River City LimitsTromdrone

We have Tromdrone in the studio tonight!

Duct Tape                    Leslie Moruza

For The Better             The Trillions

Wicked                          The GreenHearts

Better Get Hit In Your Soul     NO  BS Brass Band


We Have Sticks                  Tromdrone

Reedy Peak

Warm Channel

Landlord Alone

Signs of Talking


Chainsaw It Coming               Gull

Battle Rattle                            Rattle Mouth

 My Confessions                 Josh Small


Lola's Dilemma                    Bio Ritmo


Rad                                       VCR

Presence Charm                Snack Truck

King Den's Long Desert Dream Song     Amazing Ghost

Skin=Chromized                  Rah Brahs

Blots in The Margin              My Darlin gFury




Albert Green


Playlist temporarily unavailable.

    March 1st, 2014

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