EP 23:  Psychedelic Slide presents:

Tympanum EffectEP 23:  Psychedelic Slide

Last week, we focused on the genres of Drone and Noise Rock—two forms of rock that I feel most strongly hail from the Psychedelic era of rock from the 60s and 70s. Well, this week as we continue the musical journey of exploring rock genres, let’s focus on the progenitor of Noise and Drone.

For the next three hours, we’re gonna dive right in and take a wild ride on the psychedelic slide. The first hour is new-school psych and prog rock with the likes of Boredoms, Battles and Swans. Then we’ll take an hour-long escapade into krautrock with the likes of Can, Neu!, and Faust. And in the final leg of our three-hour journey, we’re gonna hop all across the map with Jimi Hendrix, Funkadelic, Frank Zappa, Captain Beefheart…well…you get the picture. It’s gonna be damned awesome.

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JR Tympanum


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    February 18th, 2015

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