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Wow, summer weather is here indeed. Today I ran the lawnmower around, raked, and swept the sidewalk, … and then hadta come back inside for a long tall glass of ice water. Whew! Anyhow, hope you've had a good week, I'm here tonight 9-11pmEDT to bring you an assortment of stuff, as per usual. Stay tuned for news about a live band on my show next month …

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Meat Beat Manifesto – United Nations

Love Battery – Between the Eyes
The Stooges – No Fun
David Bowie – D.J.

Sonic Youth – Drunken Butterfly
The Birthday Party – The Hair Shirt
DJ Shadow – The Number Song

Faith No More – Let's Lynch the Landlord  [DKs cover]
Pere Ubu – Final Solution  [request]

King Crimson – Indiscipline  [request]
Weedeater – Mancoon
Bauhaus – Dark Entries
Joy Division – A Means to an End

Ministry – Burning Inside
Lords of Acid – Out Comes the Evil
L7 – Freak Magnet
Beastie Boys – Hold It Now, Hit It
Primus – Tommy the Cat

Ramones – Pinhead
The Donnas – All Messed Up
Doo Rag – Mop Down
Steroid Maximus – Quilombo!
The Brian Setzer Orchestra – Switchblade 327

Southern Culture on the Skids – Soul City
Cake – Stickshifts and Safetybelts

Patti Smith – Gloria
Brian Eno + David Byrne – Help Me Somebody

Monster Magnet – 2000 Light Years From Home



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    May 29th, 2015

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