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Devo – Freedom of Choice (theme)
Jackyl – Brain Drain
mic in track – The Pattern is Full
Ben Tate – You Insulted Me
Lee Hazelwood – I'd Rather be Your Enemy
Telly Savales – Side B Band #2
The Note-Ables – So What's New
Conway Twitty – Happy Birthday Baby
Rudy Ray Moore – The Jive Jungle
April Stevens – Teach Me Tiger
Russ Abbott – Atmosphere
Carman – Get Outta My Life
Captain Beyond – Voyages of Past Travelers
Norgine Laboratories – The Recorded Detailman
Jackyl – The Lumberjack
Devo – Come Back Jonee
Douglas Bregger – Behind These Walls
The Velvet Underground – Beginning to See the Light
Magazine – Definitive Gaze
Tonetta – Tim's Birthday
Pete Townshend – Sea & Sand
Jimmy Mitchell – I Gotta be Me
Iggy & the Stooges – Search & Destroy
Early Christian – Fire
Silver Apples – Gypsy Love
Donnie & Marie – I' Leaving it All Up to You
Derrick Hannibal – Demo
Les Baxter – Chain Fight
Mystery Date – Radio Ad
Barney Pierce – The Monkey Story
Jackyl – Dirty Little Mind
Archie Moore – Times Table with a Beat

Bill Farrar


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    June 14th, 2015

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