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Filling in for DJ Carlito's second hour of If Music Could Talk tonight. Here's the list:

Clap – Have You Reached Yet?
June Wilkinson – Touch Toes
Talking Heads – Heaven
Daniel Johnston – Power of Love
Jo Ann Castle – Tico Tico
SCTV – Half Wits
BJ Thomas – Doctor God
Flip & the Dateliners – Listen to Me
Bob Dylan & the Band – Clothes Line Saga
The Seeds – You Can't be Trusted
The Conet Project – Count in Russian
Bernard Bresslaw – You Need Feet
Lenny Bruce – Psychopathia Sezualis
Shaftman – Shorty the Pimp
Neil Young – Mr Disappointment

And now, Stunted Development:

The Replacements – Can't Hardly Wait (live)
Del Close & John Brent – Cool
Ernie & Doctor – The Wrong Patient
Colonel Trip & Captain Future – He Drank from a House Brick
Catalinas – Coco-Cherry Mash
Screamin' Jay Hawkins – Constipation Blues
Riki-Oh – The Story of Ricky
Claude King – Wolverton Mountain
Bert Kaempfert – Java
Son Seals – I Think You're Fooling Me
Firesign Theatre – Kane
Drag Race Sound Effects – Competition Class Cars
Bellport HS Jazz-Rock Ensemble – Hey Jude
Joe Maize – Harbor Lights
Unknown 70s Band – Let it Ride
Devo – It Doesn't Matter to Me
Sammy Davis Jr – Come Back to Me
Tonetta – Rape Victim
Smokey & the Bandit OST – Foxy Lady
Ramsey Kearney – Blind Man's Penis
The Jolly Boys – Blue Monday
Lou Reed – Satellite of Love
Think – Gotta Get to Know Each Other
Bob & Annetta Glickman – Just Walk Away
Picking Up Girls Made Easy – Women's Clothing Store Pick Up
Lynyrd Skynyrd – Searching
George Van Dusen – The Yodelling Chinaman
Moondog – On & Off the Beat
Man on the Moon – Side 1

Bill Farrar


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    June 21st, 2015

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