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Good morning and welcome,

Welcome to your weekend, for most anyway. Today the vail is at its thinnest and we remember our loved ones who journeyed on. We dance, we sing, we remember.

Today I will continue to play the interview with Dennis Banks and Curt Hansen a little later during the show.

What is Happening

October 30th to November 1stThe Gathering in Berryville VA, at the Clark County Fairgrounds


Walk In Peace,

Tall Feathers

1st Hour:

Mark Langenfeld – Lakota Sioux Prayer – Tomahawk Rec – Red Hawk Woman CD 2004

Painted Raven – Spirit Journey – self-prod – Spirit Journey CD 2004

Brad Young – October Song – 4 Wind Flutes – Reflections CD 2011

Cusco – Ghost Dance – Higher Octave Rec – Apurimac 3 CD

Stuart Cardwell – Ancients Ascending – Snow Hill Music Studio – From a Crow’s Heart CD 2007

Tony Duncan – Battle for Night – Canyon Rec – Earth Warrior Light of Our Ancestors CD 2012

Red Hawk – Ghost Riders – Power Plant Studios – At The Crossroads CD 2008

Mark Thunderwolf – Visions into the Past – Ancient Winds Rec – Open Your Heart CD 2011

Mary Youngblood – Beneath the Raven Moon – Silver Wave Rec – Sacred Place CD 2008

R. Carlos Nakai – Celestial Realm – Canyon Rec – Talisman CD 2008

David Rose – Ancient Voices – Spirit Wind Rec – Wind Dance Under the Moon CD 2013

2nd Hour:

Gabriel Ayala – Toccata & Fugue in D minor – Canyon Rec – Portraits CD 2008

My Interview Continues with Dennis Banks

Dennis Banks – Honor Song – DBC Rec – Still Strong CD 1993

  • Dennis Banks shares the inside story of Wounded Knee

Dennis Banks – Still Strong (Narrative Version) – DBC Rec – Still Strong CD 1993

  • Dennis Banks talks about the Longest Walks, War on Drugs, and the Disconnect of the People

Dennis Banks – Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Indians – DBC Rec – Still Strong CD 1993

  • Dennis Banks speaks about the importance of Whistle Blowers

 3rd Hour:

Northern Cree – Wanbli – Canyon Rec – Drum Boy CD 2011

My Interview with Curt Hansen

  • Curt Hansen, Member of the Elder’s Council, shares the schedule of The Gathering taking place up in Berryville Virginia

Dennis Banks offers a song

Stuart Cardwell – The Hangin’ Tree – Snow Hill Music Studio – Traveler CD 2013

Dawn Avery, Ash Dargan and Ron Warren – October Sky – Blue Heron Music – Red Moon CD 2009

Primeaux & Mike with Daivd Carson – Let Us Dance – Silver Wave Rec – Sacred Ground CD 2005

Robert Mirabal – In the Blood – Star Road Rec – In The Blood CD 2007

R. Carlos Nakai and Will Clipman – Shaman’s Trance – Canyon Rec – Awakening the Fire CD 2013

Steven Rushingwind – Crow Whispers – Hen House Studios – Red Beaten Path CD 2014

Arigon Starr – Monsters of the World Unite – Wacky Prod – Meet the Diva CD 1997

Ulali – All My Relations – Wide Blue Sky – A Thousand Roads CD

Tall Feathers


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    October 31st, 2015

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