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So I did this list when I was 18 and posted it on Facebook. I wanted to be venerable and share it with the WRIR family. I haven’t changed the order or song selection. Tonight I go down memory lane to relive why I chose these songs. Check out my post from 2009:

When I came home Harrison told me he wrote out a list of his top 10 favorite songs.We must have been on that twin vibe because I was working on my top 10 favorite songs. Then after I worked on it for two days I realized it was TOOOOO HARD so I came up with my TOP 20 FAVORITE SONGS of ALL TIME!!!!(For Now) They are in no order but check them out and go download them(legally or illegally)!!!

1. Coldplay-Scientist(the lyrics are GREAT in this song)(writers Guy Berryman, Jonny Buckland, Will Champion & Chris Martin)

2. The Roots featuring Erykah Badu-You Got Me(?uestlove kills the drums on this & the hook is so smooth and chill)(writers Ahmir Khalib Thompson, Tariq Trotter, Scott Storch& Jill Scott)

3.D’Angelo-When We Get By(Brown Sugar was just a perfect album but this song stands out)(written by D’Angelo)

4. The Pharcyde-Passin’ Me By(I listen to this song every morning…..Now in my young days I use to spot a shag…great way to start the Morning)(written by The Pharcyde)

5. Michael Jackson-I Can’t Help It(MY FAVORITE MJ SONG!!!! it not too up tempo and not too chill….Beautiful lyrics)(Writers Susaye Greene & Stevie Wonder)

6. MGMT-Electric Feel(On my Hipster ish lol…MGMT is just a creatuve group and the song expresses that…Oooo girl shock me like a eletric eel)(written by MGMT)

7. Herbie Handcock featuring Christina Aguilera-A Song For You(VOCALLY MY FAVORITE SONG…she KILLS it…BUY THIS SONG FROM Itunes or download it from Limewire I dont care get the song!!!!)(written by Leon Russell)

8. Kanye West featuring Syleena Johnson(Really Lauryn Hill)-All Falls Down(So this is my fav. Kanye song…he kills it…just think at first this was a poem!!!creative)(writers Kanye West & Lauryn Hill)

9. Lauryn Hill-To Zion(Even though this is a song to her son, its touch my soul everytime I hear it…and Santana just kills the guitar on this)(Written by IDK(lol) but I think Lauryn Hill)

10. Lupe Fiasco-Kick, Push (Ro. Blvd RAd Edition) Now I like the oringinally is dope but the Ro. Blvd remix is dope!!!!! the beat is crazy hot!!!! go download the Laffy Taffy Rots Your Teeth mixtape if you want it…oh yea its FREE)(Written by Lupe beat done by Ro. Blvd)

11.N*E*R*D-Run to the Sun(Now I was pissed when I went to thei concert n they didnt perform this, but this is their BEST SONG…..its about his grandma thats so nice)(written by N*E*R*D)

12. Stevie Wonder-All I Do(WOW umm…lol its just a great song…so many memories come back from this song lol…Stevie killed it…as usual)(writer Stevie Wonder, Clarence Paul & Morris Broadnax)

13. Erykah Badu featuring Common-Love of My Life(An Ode to Hip Hop)(Im a Hip Hop head so to me this is like a “I Used to Love H.E.R” part 2. I love this because this is how I love hip hop plus Brown Sugar(the Movie) was the ish)(writers Erykah Badu, Lonnie Rashid Lynn,Madukwu Chinwah,Robert Ozuma,James Poyser,Raphael Saadiq & Glen Standridge)

14. Santana- Primavera(Yo I love Music, even though I dont know what the song is saying its still very sick!!! I love how smooth it is)(written by K. C. Porter & J. B. Eckl)

15. Donny Hathaway-Someday We’ll All Be Free(Another Wow song…I actually just recently started liking this song. I heard Micky Factz song “Be Free” and I was like the sample for that is hot!! so I looked through my collection and found I had the original by Donny and I’ve loved it ever since. He cried singing this this thats how u know you’ve got a hit!!!!!)(Writers Donny Hathaway & Edward Howard)

16. Lenny Kravitz-Storm(This was like love at first sight…When I bought this CD I saw Jay-Z was on it and said that is the true art of collaboration)(written by Lenny & Jay)

17. The Foreign Exchange-Valediction(Thsi 2 min classic is a great break up song lol but the drums in this are sick and Phonte’s voice is perfect for the track)(Written by Phonte)

18. John Mayer-Somethings Missing(Heavier Things was the first john mayer cd I bought…I listen to this song when I want to get away from everything…I love the end with the check list)(Written by John Mayer)

19. James Taylor-Carolina on My Mind(My dad use to play this song every day!!!! So naturaly I was hooked by the beautiful lyrics and twangy voice…another one of thos get away songs)(written by James Taylor)

20.Jay-Z-Can I Live(So we’re down to the last song…what a gangster song to end on I love rolling in the jeep with this on blast!!!! The lyrics are sick…I keep one eye open like CBS…what!!!sickness!!!!)(written by Jay)


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    Urban Enthusiasm    August 14th, 2016

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