photo by Joey Wharton

Paul’s Best of 2016

(singles, EP’s, albums, performances in no particular order):

Camp Howard- Camp Howard (Crystal Pistol/Bad Grrrl/Citrus City)
Atta Girl at Gallery 5
Guided by Voices at The Jefferson Theater
Clair Morgan- “Rogue Island” (Egghunt)
Thao & the Get Down Stay Down- A Man Alive (Ribbon Music)
Julie Storey at Gallery 5 (Mash Notes Benefit #1)
The Wimps- The Wimps (Bad Grrrl)
Get in the Car at Sound of Music, Gallery 5, etc.
ESP Ohio- “Royal Cyclopean” (Guided by Voices, Inc.)
Lance Bangs- Lance Mountain (Citrus City)
Atta Girl- F-Curse the Sun (Bad Grrrl)
Grass Panther at Hardywood
Young Scum- Zona EP
Pete Curry at Strange Matter
Spooky Cool on Time Is Tight and at Hardywood
Pylon- Live (Chunklet Industries)
Doll Baby- Polliwog EP
Eric Bachmann’s living room show at Tracy & Kenneth’s
Big Baby- Dumb Guys EP
Kenneka Cook on The Other Black Music
Mikrowaves in general
Magnus Lush at Strange Matter


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        December 16th, 2016

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