Kisses With Foreign Fishes 1-23-17 House, Rai, and Lederhosen presents:

It’s a dance dance revolution. Starting off the show with some tropical house and other clubb-y hits and moving into the key of Jpop with 90s dance tracks from Japan. Bits and bobs from all over, including punk en espanol, pop from serbia, and Austrian oom-pa country rock about lady beet farmers, lawn mowers, and tractors all performed by men in lederhosen covering songs like “I’m just a teenage dirtbag”. You think I’m joking, but I could not possibly make that up, it’s a real genre. Finally I’ve got some gorgeous arabic rai, and then will attempt to lull you all to sleep with some more traditional trance-y stuff from Egypt, Ethiopia, and Pakistan. Enjoy!
Yours Truly,
Princess Beet Farmer

tractor traug


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    January 23rd, 2017

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