Secret Bonus Level presents:

Distant Dee is life. And tonight he is the main event. No lie, this guy has been a sleeper on a lot of us, and on a lot of YOU, for a long time.

He helps us meet our legal requirements and he helps us have a rap show and a lot of other things, gosh. Dee is great. But, tonight we rhyme over beats. No band.

It’s a freestyle rap show.

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    Time: November 14 - 9:00:00 pm
  • Noah Page, “Transformus DJ Set 2018”

    from Transformus DJ Set 2018

  • Time: November 14 - 9:03:00 pm
  • The Secret Bonus Level Rappers, “The 15th Cypher of November”

    from Live on WRIR 2018-11-15

    WRIR - 2018

    Secret Bonus Level    November 15th, 2018

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