The Midnight Escape presents:

Good whatever time it is where you are located! It’s the disco cat here ready to funk you up for the next 2 hours and some change with all things universally cosmic and heavy on the funk! Expect to hear some fresh modern funk as well as some classic and deep cuts from all across the galaxy! Thanks for listening!

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    Time: May 13 - 7:05:48 pm
  • Saucy Lady, “A Litter of Moon Kittens”

    from Supernova

    Star Creature Universal Vibration - 2019

  • Time: May 13 - 7:07:44 pm
  • Social Lovers, “Lover's Flame”

    from Lover's Flame - Single

    Hobocamp - 2018

  • Time: May 13 - 7:12:55 pm
  • The APX, “Deja Vu”

    from Amplified Experiment

    self-released - 2019

  • Time: May 13 - 7:16:00 pm
  • Plunky & Oneness, “Dance The Night Away”

    from Dance The Night Away - Single

    self-released - 2019

    The Midnight Escape    May 13th, 2019

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