The Sunday Morning Jazz Show presents:

It’s almost June. Where has 2019 gone ?  As I always say: “So Much Music….So Little Time”. Well, here’s the MUSIC:
HOUR  #  1
Wynton Marsalis/Bolden Jump/Bolden/Blue Engine/2019
Larry Fuller/Lined With A Groove/Overjoyed.Capri/2019
Peter Lin/Celestial Being/New Age Old Ways/PLM/2019
Jaelem Bhate/Wishful Thinking/FACTOR/2019
Lisa Maxwell/Hello Wayne ?/Shiny/Uncle Marvin Music/2019
Avery Sharpe/A New Music/400/JKNM Records/2019
Larry Koonse/Flim Flam/New Jazz Standards/Summit/2019
Jerry Bergonzi/Order/The Seven Rays/Savant/2019
Mikole E Kaar/Dat Dere/East/MEKM/2019
Bonerama/Living Loving Maid/Plays Zeppelin/Basin Street/2019
John Dokes/You Don’t Know What Love Is/True Love?
HOUR  #  2
Greg Abate/Serenade To A Cuckoo/Gratitude/Whaling City Sound/2019
Alan Broadbent Trio/Minority/New York Notes/Savant/2019
Yamit/I Won’t Dance/Ain’t Misbehaving/Blue Tiger/2019
George Colligan/Again With Attitude/Again With Attitude/IYOUWE/2019
Joshua Redman/Stagger Bear/Come  What May/Nonesuch/2019
Juan Alamo/Calle de Sol/Ruta Panoramica/Summit/2019
Hazel Mitchell-Bell/One Note Samba/Stronger Than Ever/HMBM/2018
Melissa Aldana/Never Let Me Go/Motema/2019
Vivian Sessoms/In The Making/Life II/Baby Buddha Records/2019
Katerina Brown/Can’t Take That Away From Me/Mirror/Mellowtone Music/2019
Dale Fielder Quintet/I Trust In God/At The Threshold/Rajjahz/2019
Joel Ross/With Whom Do You Learn Trust ?/Kingmaker/Blue Note/2019
                                            SO MUCH MUSIC……….SO LITTLE TIME
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    The Sunday Morning Jazz Show    May 19th, 2019

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