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SO: We’ve got a lot going on today. SANJI THE HEDGEHOG and IMOCEAN (Danny), both fresh from their DJ set’s on the Party Liberation Front stage at Ignite, both of them each performing hard ass DJ sets for us LIVE on the air.


ALSO: Anderson Hayes. A tremendous gentleman. I have so much love and respect for this guy. Tonight, immediately after our show, Anderson hosts his last episode of Urban Enthusiasm ever. Anderson taught me personally SO MUCH about radio and DJing. And his head and heart are ALWAYS in the right place. I support everything he’s about and always have. He’s a great dude. We’ll miss him. I’ll miss him! Aside from our live performances, we’re going to see if we can keep the tracks we play today on a soulful, RnBish, Neo-soulish tip in honor of Anderson.


Also we’ll talk about all the shows coming up and everything. You know. River City Limits type stuff.

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    Time: June 8 - 1:01:07 pm
  • Black Liquid, “Can I Get A Deal”

    from Can I Get A Deal


  • Time: June 8 - 1:06:38 pm
  • Sanji the Hedgehog, “Til the Shooters Came”

    from Til the Shooters Came - Single


  • Time: June 8 - 1:09:04 pm
  • Fan Ran, “Tennis Shirts”

    from Loose Bowels

    Gritty City Records - 2016

  • Time: June 8 - 1:12:26 pm
  • Jazz Poets Society, “i dont know”

    from Poet's Lounge - The Show

    5th Child Records ‎ - 1998

  • Time: June 8 - 1:15:53 pm
  • The Rain

    Noah-O, “Byrd Park”

    from The Rain

    Charged Up Entertainment LLC - 2016

  • Time: June 8 - 1:19:26 pm
  • Freakolafat, “In The Wind”

    from Freakodise 2

    self-released - 2017

  • Time: June 8 - 1:24:56 pm
  • Freakolafat, “Let$Ju$tChill”

    from Freakodise

    self-released - 2017

  • Time: June 8 - 1:30:05 pm
  • Sanji the Hedgehog, “Sanjo's MIRACLE Sled Dog DJ Bomboooost”

    from Live WRIR 2019-06-08

    WRIR - 2019

  • Time: June 8 - 2:10:33 pm
  • IMOCEAN, “Danny's Sparkle Magic DJ Catasterstroke”

    from Live WRIR 2019-06-08

    WRIR - 2019

    River City Limits    June 8th, 2019

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