Secret Bonus Level presents:

Connor, MC Correct, Chuck, Riot the Rebel, Sanji the Hedgehog, DuctTape Jesus, Noah Page, and some brand new fresh new perfect new beautiful faces of other rappers we’ve never had on the air before! We’re all here freestyling like that. Like we do! Like always. And the Secret Bonus Level Band is ON IT with Joe Barry and Sanji the Hedgehog


Now, you listen to me kids. I’m your gramma! See me in these pajamas? I’m here to keep you behaved while mommy and daddy go out and turn up for just ONE NIGHT. But it’s a night that lasts forever. Real, no astrology. You know it’s my house for Thanksgiving. I’m your gramma. Fr fr.


This is still a rap show.

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    Secret Bonus Level    June 13th, 2019

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