Secret Bonus Level presents:

Yo, it’s Sanji the MFin Hedgehog and it’s Lithium mfin GOD and it’s Saturn MFin LAW and it’s the shadow REALM type stuff. We are holding it down hard RN. It’s so good. This is how it is.


We might just rap and freestyle live on the air for you. IDK honestly, we’re just having fun. Sanji got the license. And DRIVING now. We’re about to turn it up tonight. For you tryna get home safe.


This is a rap show.

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    Time: February 7 - 9:01:48 pm
  • [bsd.u], “Schmeckles”

    from Youtube


  • Time: February 7 - 9:03:09 pm
  • Is Cat Now - EP

    Dankmus., “Pretzel Wagon”

    from Is Cat Now - EP

    Dankcrest Enterprises - 2019

  • Time: February 7 - 9:05:35 pm
  • Gypsy Woman - Single

    Crystal Waters, “Gypsy Woman”

    from Gypsy Woman - Single

    M.O.D.A. - Music Fashion - 2012

  • Time: February 7 - 9:10:00 pm
  • The Power - EP

    Snap!, “The Power”

    from The Power - EP

    Fame Recordings / Armada Music - 2007

  • Time: February 7 - 9:16:42 pm
  • Sanjo The Sled Dog, “Beat/Rap Cypher 100 Per Sent FR FR”

    from Live on WRIR 2020-02-08

    WRIR - 2020

    Secret Bonus Level    February 8th, 2020

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