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Good morning and thanks for joining me for a heaping helping of country that doesn’t call 911! The playlist today defines country broadly — we’ve got classic outlaw country in here, of course, but also old time and Southern folk and blues. This haters’ ball takes on not only policemen, but jailers, judges, and company bosses, too. From songs decrying the “gun thugs” hired by coal company bosses to violently oppress miners to songs musing on fantasy worlds bereft of policing; from songs about life in the carceral system to songs espousing the joys of defying cops just to run the roads and get high — it’s all in here. See you in two weeks!


There is an extended playlist for this episode at this link that includes everything played in this episode plus a bunch more.

The music playing while I talk is all from the compilation My Rough and Rowdy Ways, Vol. 2 released by Yazoo in 1998.

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    Monday Breakfast Blend – Women Art Revolution    February 15th, 2021

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