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Halloooooooo Leute :), kurze Frage quick question how did you wake up this morning? Gechillt(relaxed) oder Gestresst(Stressed)? Either way man lass das hinter dir, leave that behind you starting now……We are boarding our flight to Germany at exactly 11PM and as we jump dimensions with Deutscher Jam let’s leave everything behind us.

As Erykah Badu once stated:

“Bag lady you goin’ hurt your back
Draggin’ all ’em bags like that……One day all ’em bag goin’ get in your way So(Pack light, pack light)

Reminder for this flight to Germany pack light you don’t want to carry to much weight as we begin to let go the present moment. Tonight’s theme should remind you of how much of a vibe you already are. You along with the other listeners should note that on this frequency meaning 97.3FM we do not chase we simply attract. As we realize how our Hautfarbe(Skin color) is literally energy let’s function as magnets and attract nothing but the nice things in life. How will we do this you may ask? Time travel we shall be moving┬á through space and time through music and the art of storytelling. Ya know some say Germans come off as little Arrogant*German Accent* but I say they are simply confident and self-assured in what they need in order to keep there state of peace. If someone attempted to take your peace wouldn’t that also make you establish firm boundaries? Guys that isn’t a bad thing again we are here to attract all the good vibes the Universe has to offer, we’ll pass on the rest ­čśë Again Leute(People) protect your peace! Deutscher Jam is here to take you on an experience of slight enlightenment haha the full dose may take us a lifetime ­čśë┬á Tonight is all about you, feeling yourself to the fullest extent! Figuring what type of environment matches your vibe. Listen… Germany is all about giving you the experience you need to feel like a King or Queen with heads up little money needed. What do you need? Where do you need to be? What would you love to experience? As we forage through the Depths of Germany’s Jungle maybe we can answer these questions with a couple case scenarios…. Viel Spass


Alles Liebe


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    Time: July 5 - 7:00:00 pm
  • C#1 (feat. IAMNOBODI) - Single

    Cro, “C#1 (feat. IAMNOBODI)”

    from C#1 (feat. IAMNOBODI) - Single

    Urban - 2020

  • Time: July 5 - 7:03:00 pm
  • Wifey - Single

    Jahy, “Wifey”

    from Wifey - Single

    Chapter Records - 2020

  • Time: July 5 - 7:08:00 pm
  • Dicke Dinger

    B├╝rger Lars Dietrich, “Sexy Eis”

    from Dicke Dinger

    EastWest Germany - 1996

  • Time: July 5 - 7:15:00 pm
  • 36 Grad (feat. Carsten Chemnitz & Nura) - Single

    Zugezogen Maskulin, “36 Grad (feat. Carsten Chemnitz & Nura)”

    from 36 Grad (feat. Carsten Chemnitz & Nura) - Single

    Four Music Local - 2018

  • Time: July 5 - 7:20:00 pm
  • Leben am Limit

    SXTN, “Von Party zu Party”

    from Leben am Limit

    JINX Music - 2017

  • Time: July 5 - 7:25:00 pm
  • On Fleek - Single

    Nura, “On Fleek”

    from On Fleek - Single

    Vertigo Berlin - 2021

  • Time: July 5 - 7:28:00 pm

    Haiyti, “TOULOUSE (feat. Albi X)”

    from SUI SUI

    Haiyti/WM Germany - 2020

  • Time: July 5 - 7:39:00 pm

    F├╝nf Sterne Deluxe, “Dreh' auf den Schei├č”


    F├╝nf Sterne deluxe Records - 2014

  • Time: July 5 - 7:43:00 pm
  • Mietwagentape 2

    Celo & Abdi & Killer Kamal, “FLODDER”

    from Mietwagentape 2

    385ideal - 2021

  • Time: July 5 - 7:49:00 pm
  • 20 Zoll MAE (feat. Bonez MC) - Single

    Celo & Abdi, “20 Zoll MAE (feat. Bonez MC)”

    from 20 Zoll MAE (feat. Bonez MC) - Single

    385ideal - 2020

  • Time: July 5 - 7:55:00 pm
  • KlangK├╝nstler, “the people”

    from The people ep

    Superfett - 2018

  • Time: July 5 - 8:05:00 pm
  • KlangK├╝nstler, “it's the inside”

    from the people

    superfett records - 2018

  • Time: July 5 - 8:15:00 pm
  • Bist du down? (Ticklish Remix) [feat. Kwam.E] - Single

    Ace Tee, “Bist du down? (Ticklish Remix) [feat. Kwam.E]”

    from Bist du down? (Ticklish Remix) [feat. Kwam.E] - Single

    Four Music Local - 2017

  • Time: July 5 - 8:21:00 pm
  • Tee Time (feat. Kwam.E) - EP

    Ace Tee, “Bounce auf dem Beat (feat. Kwam.E)”

    from Tee Time (feat. Kwam.E) - EP

    Four Music Local - 2017

  • Time: July 5 - 8:25:00 pm
  • tru. (Deluxe Edition)

    Cro, “todas (feat. Wyclef Jean)”

    from tru. (Deluxe Edition)

    Chimperator - 2017

  • Time: July 5 - 8:30:00 pm
  • GIFT

    Eunique, “Cannabis”

    from GIFT

    Kobra Milit├Ąr - 2018

  • Time: July 5 - 8:37:00 pm
  • tru. (Deluxe Edition)

    Cro, “fkngrt”

    from tru. (Deluxe Edition)

    Chimperator - 2017

  • Time: July 5 - 8:48:00 pm
  • tru. (Deluxe Edition)

    Cro, “my life”

    from tru. (Deluxe Edition)

    Chimperator - 2017

  • Time: July 5 - 8:53:00 pm
  • 3D

    Dennis Dies Das, “Bounce”

    from 3D

    recordJet - 2020

  • Time: July 5 - 8:57:00 pm
  • Metro - Single

    Dennis Dies Das, “Metro”

    from Metro - Single

    AEIOU - 2018

    Deutscher Jam    July 5th, 2021

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