On today’s show, Carol talks with two experts working in violence:


Ron Wallace


Dr. Ron Wallace is a criminal justice professional with over 38 years of experience in both the public and private sectors, both as practitioner and educator. He currently serves as an Associate Professor of Criminal Justice at American Military University. Dr. Wallace is a recognized subject matter expert in the area of criminal justice and intimate partner violence. His research focus is in the area of intimate partner violence. 

Dr. Wallace has worked with various state and national criminal justice organizations to develop and deliver training focused on intimate partner violence. In addition to his teaching experience, he also works with Institutional Review Boards in both the private industry and academic setting.









Jarrod Sadulski has a Doctorate in Criminal Justice with over twenty years of law enforcement experience that includes counter human trafficking, counter terrorism, homeland security, and local law enforcement. Jarrod has participated in speaking engagements and presentations in the United States, Europe, and Central America on the topics of human trafficking, global security, international drug trafficking, stress management in policing, and has presented at an intelligence conference on the topic of police responses to domestic terrorism to intelligence experts from over ten different nations in Europe. Jarrod has conducted in-country research on human trafficking and international narcotics trafficking in Central and South America in the past three years, which includes Belize and Colombia. Jarrod has been a speaker and presenter at the International Human Trafficking & Social Justice Conference in 2019 and 2020.

Jarrod has written over 100 articles on a wide range of relevant criminal justice topics, which include domestic violence and human trafficking to an international audience. Jarrod’s research has been published in the United Nations Office on Drug Control World Drug Report and international media outlets. Recently, Jarrod served as a consultant for the Global Initiative against Transnational Organized Crime’s 2021 Global Organized Crime Index by reviewing content associated with organized crime in the nation of Belize. 

Awards Jarrod has received include the Global War on Terror Medal, National Defense Service Medal, City of Sunrise Police Officer of the Year Award, and the Coast Guard Reserve Mcshan Inspirational Leadership Award. Jarrod is available for training and public speaking events and can be contacted through his website at









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        October 22nd, 2021

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