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(pic: Trapcry)

Fontaine here today 5-7pmEST to play RVA bands including Trapcry, Recapitated, White Cross, True Body, etc. Tune in.

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Phone: 804.649.9737
Armwood – Miracles
Jazz Poets Society – What If (Rosa Parks Had a Car)
Harry Gore – No Adultery Blooz
The Good Guys – Think For Yourself [live in Tampa, 1986]

Trapcry – Man in This Town
Ms Proper – What Do You Do
McKinley Dixon – Protective Styles

RIP Mike Rodriguez:
White Cross – Pink Flamingo
Mudd Helmut – 12 Oz Closer to God
Dirtball – Little Devils

Hoi Polloi – Warhead
Heks Orkest – I’ve Been Waiting  [FCC-clean edit]
Recapitated – Timing
Canary Oh Canary – Dirty South
True Body – No Day

Book of Wyrms – Undead Pegasus
Hewolf – Grip It (Unlock the Power of the Fist)

Angélica Garcia – Malagueña
Mikrowaves – Tik Tok Heater

Kevin Pittman – Wake Up the Street
The Hotdamns – That Which Doesn’t Make Us Stronger  [FCC edit]

Strike Anywhere – South Central Beach Party  [live on WRIR 2011]
Graven Image – Dear Abby  [John Prine cover]
Absence of Malice – Liberation
Math – Another 30 Second Punk Rock Song
Prevaricators – Hanky Panky  [Tommy James + Shondells cover]
The Nervous Ticks – Badlands
Chigger – Hotwire

League of Space Pirates – Never Cook Your Sister in a Frying Pan
Bay of Pigs – Barbwire Push
Rocket 69 – Search to Destroy

O-Boy – Dance to the End of the Universe

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    River City Limits    November 27th, 2021

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