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Longtime Richmond musician and scene supporter Brooke Saunders died in a car wreck Sunday. I knew him for many years, and have brought to WRIR a bunch of music that he performed on (solo and Apocowlypso) or helped release (Floating Folk Festival compilation CDs). Tune in 9-11pmEST while we remember Brooke.

(pic: Apocowlypso. Brooke on right)
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Apocowlypso – Hanging Around  [Brooke Saunders song, 1987]
Apocowlypso – Ride Me to Heaven  [Dika Newlin song, 1987]
Apocowlypso – Holding On  [Paul Bloch song, 1987]

Apocowlypso – Leftover Life [Dika Newlin song, 1987]
Apocowlypso – Harry in the Park  [Paul Bloch song, 1987]
Apocowlypso – Electronic Preacher  [Brooke Saunders song, 1987]

Ancient Chinese Secret – Cry No More [1988]
Ancient Chinese Secret – White Car (aka “Torpid”) [1988]

Apocowlypso – Nuclear Power Will Kill You  [Brooke Saunders song, 1987?]

Non Dairy Screamers – New York Girls (live at Rockitz)
Non Dairy Screamers – Funeral in Belfast

Mr Wiggily and His Fabulous Sump Pumps – Hang On Sloopy

Brooke Saunders – Beyond Recall
Brooke Saunders – Big River (Studio Nico version)
Brooke Saunders – Changing

Floating Folk Festival CDs:
Matthew Costello – Diggin’ for Elvis
Stephen Christoff – Jumping Out of One Story Buildings
Eileen Edmonds – Water Tricklin’
Brooke Saunders – Train to Paris
Brooke Saunders – Killing Floor

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    What the Fontaine?!    December 3rd, 2021

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