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(Dickies photo: youtube)

Fontaine here today 3-5pmEST, playing lotsa ’80s vinyl, including The Dickies, AC/DC, Flipper, Talking Heads, etc.

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Phone: 804.649.9737
AC/DC – Highway to Hell
Weird Al Yankovic – Smells Like Nirvana
Flipper – Life

Gang of Four – What We All Want (live)
Frightwig – Beverly

Kiss –  Domino (radio edit)
The Boneless Ones – Keg Kept a Flowin’
Minor Threat – Filler

Devo – Jerkin’ Back & Forth
Electric Peace – Big Man
Minutemen – The Glory of Man

Code of Honor – What Price Will You Pay?
White Cross – Pink Flamingo

Crucifix – Annihilation
Mudd Helmut – Something’s Gotta Give

Apocowlypso – Electronic Preacher
Romeo Void -Wrap It Up  [Isaac Hayes song]
Wild Cherry – 99 1/2  [Wilson Pickett song]

The Tear Garden – Empathy With the Devil
The Dickies – Silent Night
Siouxsie and the Banshees – Head Cut
Icehouse – Walls
Talking Heads – Memories Can’t Wait

Simple Minds – Colours Fly and Catherine Wheel
Psychedelic Furs – Mr. Jones
Bow Wow Wow – I Want Candy
The Specials – Too Much Too Young
Mojo Nixon and Skid Roper – The Amazing Bigfoot Diet
Essential Logic – Quality Crayon Wax Ok

The Dream Syndicate – The Days of Wine and Roses

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    End Of The Century    December 18th, 2021

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