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Seit ihr bereit? Are you ready? Let’s hop on the Deutsche Bahn and go on an adventure. Join us as we Tour de France with a number of different Artists. We’ll slow down for a moment and enjoy the scenery of the countryside. Once we’re finished reset at a Café in Paris. Should we switch the scenery? Rome? What a trip, let’s jump back on course and tackle the DACH(Germany along with the German speaking worlds). Get ready for a complete full body immersion.

It’s the passion for me. Maybe it’s the Soul. The twinkle in the eye you notice as they speak their truth. The connection.  Anyhow, tonight’s show will showcase drei sprachen(three languages). French, Italian, ending with a final dose of Deutsch. Das Connection serves as a connecting ground for all human beings awake to our unique magic. Join us as we explore the unknown. Deutscher Jam is here to showcase every person and brand that will further bridge you into another dimension of yourself. Whether it’s by offering language courses, content, resources, events, or music we got you!

Shoutout of the day: Nowisa

The founder Raida states,

“Education should be based on your willingness, not your income. Depending on where you are born, you don’t have access to the same things, especially when it comes to free education and strong currency. In order to decrease inequalities, Nowisa wants to provide education to the majority and the best courses for beginner, intermediate and advanced. No administrative papers, no expensive flights, no university fees, no visas. Just you, like-minded people and native speakers, taking back the right to learn and exchange knowledge and culture.”

It doesn’t end there, the name Nowisa is a funny take on needing “No Visa”. He spoke on his beliefs that no visa is needed to meet people from around the world and acquire a new language. Functioning as a connection between worlds it was a no brainer to include him on an episode of “Das Connection”. From the countryside of France, he functions as one of the connections that’ll allow you to explore another world through the art of language.



    Time: February 7 - 7:00:00 pm
  • Bauch und Kopf (Deluxe)

    Mark Forster, “Au revoir (feat. Sido)”

    from Bauch und Kopf (Deluxe)

    Four Music Productions - 2014

  • Time: February 7 - 7:03:00 pm
  • C#1 (feat. IAMNOBODI) - Single

    Cro, “C#1 (feat. IAMNOBODI)”

    from C#1 (feat. IAMNOBODI) - Single

    Urban - 2020

  • Time: February 7 - 7:07:00 pm
  • Treppenhaus

    Apache 207, “Unterwegs”

    from Treppenhaus

    Four Music/Two Sides - 2020

  • Time: February 7 - 7:16:00 pm
  • Auf der Suche

    Nura, “Auf der Suche”

    from Auf der Suche

    Vertigo Berlin - 2021

  • Time: February 7 - 7:23:00 pm
  • 0.1

    Kazam, “A Story About Time”

    from 0.1

    Wagram Music / Balagan Music - 2017

  • Time: February 7 - 7:27:00 pm
  • One Day

    Akira Kosemura, “Famile”

    from One Day

    schole - 2016

  • Time: February 7 - 7:33:00 pm
  • C'était ici

    Yann Tiersen, “Comptine d'un autre été l'après midi (Live)”

    from C'était ici

    Parlophone (France) - 2006

  • Time: February 7 - 7:40:00 pm
  • Paris tristesse

    Pierre Lapointe, “Tu es seul et resteras seul”

    from Paris tristesse

    Audiogram - 2014

  • Time: February 7 - 7:49:00 pm
  • Himalaya mon amour

    Alex Nevsky, “Les Coloriés”

    from Himalaya mon amour

    Audiogram - 2013

  • Time: February 7 - 7:56:00 pm
  • ashhkid, “7am”

    from Chillance Avenue

    Ash Kidd - 2014

  • Time: February 7 - 8:05:00 pm
  • ashhkid, “Valey”

    from Mila 209

    Ash Kidd - 2017

  • Time: February 7 - 8:11:00 pm
  • ashhkidd, “Satur”

    from Mila 209

    Ash Kidd - 2017

  • Time: February 7 - 8:16:00 pm
  • Marabout

    Swing, “Rivage (feat. Le Motel)”

    from Marabout

    Urban - 2018

  • Time: February 7 - 8:22:00 pm
  • Il ballo delle incertezze - Single

    Ultimo, “Il ballo delle incertezze”

    from Il ballo delle incertezze - Single

    Honiro - 2017

  • Time: February 7 - 8:26:00 pm
  • Bula Bula

    Mina, “Portati via”

    from Bula Bula

    WM Italy - 2018

  • Time: February 7 - 8:32:00 pm
  • Tohu Bohu

    Rone, “Bye Bye Macadam”

    from Tohu Bohu

    InFiné - 2012

  • Time: February 7 - 8:38:00 pm
  • Ich kenne nichts (das so schön ist wie du) [feat. RZA]

    Xavier Naidoo, “Ich kenne nichts (das so schön ist wie du) [feat. RZA]”

    from Ich kenne nichts (das so schön ist wie du) [feat. RZA]

    Naidoo Records GmbH - 2003

  • Time: February 7 - 8:52:00 pm
  • Telegramm für X

    Xavier Naidoo, “Zeilen aus Gold”

    from Telegramm für X

    Naidoo Records GmbH - 2005

  • Time: February 7 - 8:57:00 pm
  • Vom selben Stern - EP

    Ich + Ich, “Vom selben Stern (Radio Edit)”

    from Vom selben Stern - EP

    Ich + Ich - 2007

    Deutscher Jam    February 7th, 2022

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