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Happy Friday everyone, hope you have made it through the week alright! I said on our last show that I don’t play enough math-rock, and so tonight I hope to remedy that problem, and present a new fun format which I might do from time to time. Inspired by Live from the Audience I have a collection of a few really fantastic live performances from a couple math-rock groups that I want to share on the show tonight. Each one highlights a different sound of the genre and are all from differentish parts of the world, so it’ll bring a bit of variety.

On tonight’s show you’ll hear from the band Forestar, an Argentinian band performing at the National University of Rosario, A Picture of Her, live at Jirokichi in Koenji, Tokyo, Mono live at Atlas in Kyiv from 2019, Totorro live in concert from back in 2013, and a brand-new band I discovered this week, Fish Basket, a Polish math-rock band who performed live in Katofonia, Katowice back in January of this year.


forestar – la casa azul | Live Session en el Patio

A Picture Of Her performs live at Jirokichi in Koenji, Tokyo.

Totorro – Live 2013

Fish Basket – Live At Katofonia 2022 – Long Time No Sea Tour


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    Time: May 20 - 9:18:48 pm
  • recuerdos y eso

    forestar, “la casa azul”

    from recuerdos y eso

    anomalía ediciones - 2020

  • Time: May 20 - 9:18:49 pm
  • A Picture of Her, “Live at Jirokichi in Koenji, Tokyo.”

    from Sense Spaces

    A Picture of Her - 2017

  • Time: May 20 - 9:56:51 pm
  • Totorro, “Totorro - Live 2013”

    from Totorro

    Totorro - 2013

  • Time: May 20 - 10:53:20 pm
  • Fish Basket, “Live At Katofonia 2022”

    from Long Time No Sea Tour

    Fish Basket - 2022

    The Lunar Orbit    May 21st, 2022

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