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Tonight I have my 1st guest in 2.5 years, Ryan Parrish! We’re gonna talk about City of Caterpillar’s new album and gig next Friday at Richmond Music Hall. And I’ve got a pair of tickets! Tune in 9-11pmEDT and again Saturday 5-7pm when I’ll have more tix on River City Limits.

(City of Caterpillar photo: Reid Haithcock)
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Meat Beat Manifesto – United Nations

City of Caterpillar – Voiceless Prophets  [new]
City of Caterpillar – And You’re Wondering How a Top Floor Could Replace Heaven
Omen Stones – Fertile Blight
The Cory Smoot Experiment – Brainfade & Mandatory Purgatory [FCC clean]
Dorthia Cottrell – Oak Grove
Loud Night – Holy Hell
Iron Reagan – Eyeball Gore
Iron Reagan – Cycle of Violence
Iron Reagan – Miserable Failure
Suppression – Cuts Deep, etc.
Amoeba Men – Animated Meat
Mammoth Grinder – Locust’s Nest
Bermuda Triangles – Riddles in the Sand
X-Cops – Zipper Pig
City of Caterpillar – Decider  [new!]
Petrichor – Saint Francis Satyr
Recapitated – Timing
Slow Burning Rage – The Slow Burn of Madmartigan
Dumb Waiter – Vegan Mustache Jazz
Terminal Bliss – Small One Time Fee
City of Caterpillar – A Little Change Could Go a Long Ways

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    What the Fontaine?!    September 23rd, 2022

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