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This week we watched the miraculous recovery of Buffalo Bills’ Damar Hamlin, while House Republicans remained Speaker-less, and the ID murderer was arrested. Tonight 9-11pm on this Jan 6th I’ve got songs “Democracy (or Else)”, “Moscow Idaho”, and “What It Was, Was Football”. Tune in.

(Damar Hamlin: Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images)
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Meat Beat Manifesto – United Nations

The Good Guys – Democracy (or Else)
The Cassandra Complex – Moscow Idaho

Andy Griffith – What It Was, Was Football  [1953]

Les Crane – Desiderata
National Lampoon – Deteriorata  [parody]

The Pretenders – Mystery Achievement
Pixies – Tony’s Theme
Elvis Presley – A Little Less Conversation (JXL Radio Edit Remix)
Prodigy – Fuel My Fire  [L7 cover]
Stone Temple Pilots – Sex Type Thing
Sonic Youth – Catholic Block
Elliot Sharp / Carbon – Raptor
Monty Python – Sit on My Face

Rage Against the Machine – Renegades of Funk  [Afrika Bambaataa + Soulsonic Force cover]
Afrika Bambaataa + Soulsonic Force – Renegades Chant

The Monochrome Set – Eine Symphonie Des Grauens
Sebadoh – Supernatural Force
The Smiths – What Difference Does It Make?
Misfits – Teenagers From Mars

Monster Magnet – Space Lord
Smashing Pumpkins – Bury Me
Rev(olting) Co(cks) – Attack Ships on Fire
Ministry – Stigmata

Glenn Branca – Dissonance  [part]
Nitzer Ebb – Control I’m Here
Skinny Puppy – Tin Omen
Stinking Lizaveta – The Drop  [part]

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    What the Fontaine?!    January 6th, 2023

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