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Tonight is a rebroadcast of JoJo’s Bizarre Playlist Vol. 1,from 3 years ago (?!? REALLY?) which I put together after catching up on the excellent, Bizarre Adventure of JoJo.

“There’s a vast array of musical references in the manga/anime JoJo’s Bizarre adventure, and I’m always surprised by new ones that pop up while I’m watching. So I wanted to see what a playlist of all of these references would sound like. Were these bands the author, Hirohiko Araki, listened to while drawing the original comic? [I’m] limiting myself to songs published before 1987-89 by each artist (the years these chapters were written in,) and I’ve tried to find songs that fit the characters.

In the playlist itself below, I’ve noted what references there are in each.  I only got through parts 1 and 2, Phantom Blood and Battle Tendency, so I may do another JoJo show as I get into later story arcs! [I TOTALLY DID.]

Even if you’re not a nerd for this series, it turned out to be a pretty awesome show, with a pretty consistent mood! I’m dang happy with it.”

I think next week, I’ll play Vol. 2!
It’s been a chaotic (but not bad!) week, and I hope y’all enjoy chilling out to these tunes with me.

Also, Roundabout frickin rules, and is one of the songs that made me appreciate 8 minute long prog-rock songs (YOU’RE WELCOME.)

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    Time: March 15 - 7:02:41 pm
  • Let's Dance

    David Bowie, “Cat People (Putting Out Fire)”

    from Let's Dance

    Parlophone UK - 1999

  • Time: March 15 - 7:07:00 pm
  • Yessongs (Live)

    Yes, “Roundabout (Live)”

    from Yessongs (Live)

    Rhino/Elektra - 1973

    First ending theme, also Bruford - Tarkus' ally

  • Time: March 15 - 7:16:10 pm
  • Sacred Heart (Remastered)

    Dio, “Fallen Angels”

    from Sacred Heart (Remastered)

    Rhino/Warner Records - 1985

    Dio Brando - villain

  • Time: March 15 - 7:19:59 pm
  • Good Trouble

    REO Speedwagon, “Keep the Fire Burnin'”

    from Good Trouble

    Epic - 1982

    Robert E. O. Speedwagon, ally, founder of Speedwagon Foundation

  • Time: March 15 - 7:26:25 pm
  • Queen II (Deluxe Edition) [Remastered]

    Queen, “Ogre Battle”

    from Queen II (Deluxe Edition) [Remastered]

    Virgin EMI - 2011

    Ch. 8 - The Battle on Ogre Street

  • Time: March 15 - 7:30:19 pm
  • Houses of the Holy (Remastered)

    Led Zeppelin, “Over the Hills and Far Away”

    from Houses of the Holy (Remastered)

    Atlantic Records - 1973

    Baron William Zeppeli,ally, Hamon user (also, later Page, Jones, Plant, and Bornnam - more zombies)

  • Time: March 15 - 7:35:12 pm
  • Revolver

    The Beatles, “Eleanor Rigby”

    from Revolver

    UMC (Universal Music Catalogue) - 2009

    Erina Pendleton? - love interest/mom/grandma

  • Time: March 15 - 7:37:12 pm
  • Long After Dark

    Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, “Deliver Me”

    from Long After Dark

    Geffen* - 2014

    Tonpetty - Tibetan Hamon master

  • Time: March 15 - 7:43:46 pm
  • Brothers In Arms

    Dire Straits, “Brothers In Arms”

    from Brothers In Arms

    Warner Records - 1996

    Dire and Straizo - disciples of Tonpetty

  • Time: March 15 - 7:50:26 pm
  • Pickin' Up the Pieces

    Poco, “Short Changed”

    from Pickin' Up the Pieces

    Epic/Legacy - 1970

    Poco - boy who helps our heroes and gains courage because this is an anime

  • Time: March 15 - 7:53:43 pm
  • Points on the Curve

    Wang Chung, “Don't Be My Enemy”

    from Points on the Curve

    Geffen - 1984

    Wang Chan - black market vendor turned zombie, Chinese stereotype

  • Time: March 15 - 7:57:58 pm
  • Tarkus (Deluxe Version)

    Emerson, Lake & Palmer, “A Time and a Place (2012 - Remaster)”

    from Tarkus (Deluxe Version)

    BMG Rights Management (UK) Ltd. - 2016

    Tarkus - revived 16th century warrior, zombie

  • Time: March 15 - 8:08:18 pm
  • Livin' On the Fault Line (Remastered)

    The Doobie Brothers, “You Belong To Me (2016 Remastered)”

    from Livin' On the Fault Line (Remastered)

    Rhino/Warner Records - 1977

    Dubi - zombie that captures Poco's sister

  • Time: March 15 - 8:11:16 pm
  • Wired

    Jeff Beck, “Play With Me”

    from Wired

    Epic - 1976

    Jeff Beck - rando farmer, also, Wired Beck - vampire mysoginist

  • Time: March 15 - 8:15:22 pm
  • Crystal Ball

    Styx, “This Old Man”

    from Crystal Ball

    A&M - 1976

    Father Styx - alcoholic priest, minor character

  • Time: March 15 - 8:20:29 pm
  • Air Supply

    Air Supply, “We Are All Alone”

    from Air Supply

    Sony Music Entertainment - 1976

    Air Supplena Island

  • Time: March 15 - 8:26:39 pm
  • Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam with Full Force (Expanded Edition)

    Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam, “Can You Feel the Beat (with Full Force)”

    from Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam with Full Force (Expanded Edition)

    Columbia/Legacy - 1985

    Lisa Lisa - master and mentor to Caesar Zeppeli and Joseph Joestar

  • Time: March 15 - 8:33:20 pm
  • Loggins and Messina

    Loggins & Messina, “Till the Ends Meet”

    from Loggins and Messina

    Columbia - 1972

    Loggins and Messina - students of Lisa Lisa, teachers to protags

  • Time: March 15 - 8:36:46 pm
  • Shangó

    Santana, “Nowhere to Run”

    from Shangó

    Columbia - 1982

    Santana ("Santviento") - first of the Pillar Men seen, #4 in rank

  • Time: March 15 - 8:40:32 pm
  • Music from the Edge of Heaven

    Wham!, “Battlestations”

    from Music from the Edge of Heaven

    Columbia - 1984

    Waamu - Pillar Man #3

  • Time: March 15 - 8:51:02 pm
  • Fly On the Wall

    AC/DC, “Danger”

    from Fly On the Wall

    Columbia - 1985

    Esidisi - Pillar Man #2

  • Time: March 15 - 8:55:19 pm
  • Door to Door

    The Cars, “Double Trouble”

    from Door to Door

    Rhino/Elektra - 1987

    Kars - Pillar Man top dog

  • Time: March 15 - 8:56:29 pm
  • Aja

    Steely Dan, “Aja”

    from Aja

    Geffen* - 1977

    Red Stone of Aja - artifact sought by the Pillar Men for ultimate power, held by Lisa Lisa

    The Church of the Ecstatic    March 15th, 2023

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