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Happy Easter to All, and hope that your Basket if full of Goodies. We’ve got a nice selection of tunes to get you off on a Festive Note today ! Enjoy

BIRTHDAYS THIS WEEK INCLUDE: Denny Zeitlin, Herbie Hancock, Gene Ammons, J.J. Wiggins, Richard Davis, Steve Gadd, Al Jarreau and Shorty Rogers.
HOUR #  1
Horace Silver/We’ve Got Silver @ Six/Hard Bop Grandpop/Impulse/1996
Jae Sinnett Zero To 60 Quartet/Takin It There/Commitment/J-Nett Music/2023
Nick Green/You-Kraine/Green On The Scene/Cellar 20/2023
Conun Pappas/The East/Onward/CPM/2023
Wayne Escoffery/Song Of Serinity/Like Minds/Smpke Sessions/2023
The Raisin Cake Orchestra/Crazy Rhythm/First Quarter/Bold City Records/2023
Melissa Pipe Sextet/In Due Time/Of What Remains/Odd Sounds/2023
Alyse Korn-Robert Kyle/Vivian’s Danzon/Tuesdays Child/Dark Delishious Music/2023
Joe Lacasio Trio/Lost River Waltz/November/Tafford Records/2023
Dizzy & Fay/Gotta Gotta Gotta/Hooked/Little Cat Music/2023
WayneAlpern/Joy Spring/Saxology/WAM/2023
Jeff Richman/Lost Daze/XYZ/Nefer Music/2023
HOUE  #  2
Mike Melito/Big Red/To Swing Is The Thing/Cellar 20/2023
Roy McGrath/Cuembe Na Ma/Menjunje/JL Music/2023
Monika Herzig-Janiece Jaffe/River/Both Sides of Joni/Acme Records/2023
Chembo Cornell Quintet/Lagrima De Monte/Chemboro Records/2023
Erica Seguine -Shon Baker Orchestra/Reel/ The New Day Bends Light/ESM/2023
Brendan Lanighan/Little Garlic Knot/A Little Optimism/BLM/2023
The Composers Collective Big Band/Spadina/The Toronto Project/MAPL/2023
Towner Galaher/One For McGriff/Live/Rhythm Royale/2023
Cecile McLorin/Salvant/Melusine/Melusine/Nonesuch/2023
Walter Smith,III/River Styx/Returmn To Casual/Blue Note/2023
Elio Villafranca/No Man’s Land/Standing By The Crossroads/Artist Share/2023
Mark Lewis/Lovely Dancer/Sunlight Shines In/MLM/2023
                                                                      SO MUCH MUSIC……….SO LITTLE TIME
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    Bebop and Beyond with Mr. Jazz    April 9th, 2023

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