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Rachel Levy 

In 2021, I ran for the 55th District seat of the Virginia House of Delegates. We ran a great campaign and built for this one. I personally visited every precinct and my campaign knocked nearly 9500 doors. We raised the turnout from 2019 by almost 30 percent!

Post redistricting, I’m now in the 59th District and I’m running again! The 59th District includes most of Louisa County, the western half of Hanover County and the Town of Ashland, and parts of the Fairfield and Brookland Magisterial Districts in Henrico County. Rural, suburban (inner and outer ring), small and big towns–the 59th is a dynamic, diverse district that has it all. As a longtime resident of the Town of Ashland, I’m on the threshold between rural and suburban and well positioned to represent the district.

The daughter of two civil rights lawyers, I was brought up to be civically engaged and to be a contributor. My parents raised me to vote in every election and to use the advantages I have to help others. After graduating from college, I felt that sense of civic engagement when I decided to become a public school teacher. Eventually, I was driven to get my doctorate in educational leadership and policy at VCU. Preserving and improving public education became my life’s work. But I know, more than most, how legislative policies have real-life, real-time consequences on our educators, on our citizens, on our children, and on our families. I know what it is to be on the receiving end of the policies that are created.


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