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In Memory of Kevin McFadin.

Tonight’s show mainly consisted of tracks I didn’t manage to work into my tribute show from two weeks ago. As such I felt more track selection explanations were in order:

Hawkwind / You Shouldn’t Do That / In Search of Space (Remastered) / Parlophone UK

I feel like everyone who spent even a few hours in the presence of Kevin knew that he loved Hawkwind. Prior to meeting Kevin I was aware of Hawkwind, but had only encountered them briefly during my teenage years when I would mainly find new music by reading wikipedia articles and looking at various lists people had made on Amazon. At that point I had listened to their self-titled album once, and not paid it much mind beyond that. Through Kevin, that changed considerably. I used this track specifically because I’ve been listening to it almost every day these past few weeks because it’s almost the exact length of my drive to work.

Mugstar / Zeta Potential / GRAFT / Centripetal Force

Mugstar is another band that Kevin turned me on to years ago, but for whatever reason I didn’t buy any of their records until this one was released. It had been a few years since I had listened to it when I broke it out again several weeks back, and I had forgotten that the cover appears to be a distorted image of a steel mill. In the past few years I’ve gained a real appreciation for the trippy nature of steel and the Bessemer process, so I thought it was neat that Mugstar deemed it worthy of album art.

Ecstatic Vision / You Got It (Or You Don’t) / Live at Dunajam / Heavy Psych Sounds

Ecstatic Vision was a band that Kevin and I always shared an appreciation for, and saw once at Wonderland in Shockoe back in 2019. Wonderland is the exact kind of venue that Kevin always had a reverence for – the kind that’s small enough to self-select for niche wacked-out experiences that you’re front and center for no matter where you’re standing.

Jet Jaguar / Turbulent Mirrors / Billion Year Spree / [self-released]

Yet another band that I wouldn’t have known about if it weren’t for Kevin. Prior to a few weeks ago, I had only heard the song they contributed to the compilation 21st Century Space Adventure (Logbook One) back in 2009. I’ve decided to dig deeper since, and haven’t been disappointed.

Tadpoles / Race You to the Mustard Patch / Far Out / Bakery Records

Tadpoles are a band that would have to be considered central in Kevin’s life even if he hadn’t chosen to name his show and record label after one of their songs. They reunited mere days before he passed away, and at his celebration of life this past Saturday, their music was played continuously throughout the day.

Mama’s Boys / The Professor II / Power & Passion / Pussy Records

While looking through a bunch of old relics from Kevin’s high school days, I came across a dollar bill with a bunch of signatures on it. I couldn’t quite read most of them right away, but upon googling the one that I could, I quickly figured out that this dollar was signed by every member of Mama’s Boys, and Irish metal band from the late 70s/early 80’s that toured with Hawkwind in ’81. Checks out.

Shire / Vikings / The Spirits Return / [self-released]

The Spirits Return by Shire was sold to me on CD in 2005 by the band’s frontman, Robby Rhein, when he walked up to my lunch table and asked me and my friends “you guys like hair metal?” The album has become a cherished relic for me, and when I showed it to Kevin back in 2016 or so, he immediately showed a major appreciation for it. He even played it on the radio a few times, and got more than one call on more than one occasion from listeners interested in what they had just heard. I was present for one such call, and I remember watching with delight as he said into the studio phone: “that was Shire….. no you’re definitely not going to find that on Spotify”.

Inside / Wizzard King / Warfaring Strangers: Darkscorch Canticles / Numero Group

After I showed him Shire, Kevin gave me this incredible compilation of ultra-obscure teenage garage bands from the 70s, collectively showcasing the impact of Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath on listeners in America during that era. Shire would have been right at home among these selections. I selected this particular track for obvious reasons.

Dhidalah / Soma / Sensoria / Guruguru Brain

Another great album given to me by Kevin, sometime towards the beginning of the year.

Dead Sea Apes / Rewilding / Rewilding / Cardinal Fuzz

Dead Sea Apes / Sixth Side of the Pentagon / Spectral Domain / Sunrise Ocean Bender; Cardinal Fuzz
Prana Crafter / Enter the Stream / Enter the Stream / Sunrise Ocean Bender; Cardinal Fuzz
Sons of the Void / Don’t Forget to Pray / Sons of the Void / Sunrise Ocean Bender Records
Evening Fires / Staring Down the Gullet of the Great Beyond part one / Where I’ve Been Is Places and What I’ve Seen Is Things / Sunrise Ocean Bender Records
E Gone / Hazel Motes at the Plastic Vortex / All the Suns of the Earth / Deep Water Acres Sunrise Ocean Bender

I wanted to do a more substantial block of music released on Kevin’s Sunrise Ocean Bender record label last show, but it never materialized. I feel as though this one almost did the label justice in regards to the wide range of sounds encompassed within it’s releases, but not quite.

SLIFT / It’s Coming… / UMMON / Vicious Circle Records

I first heard this song during a particularly potent episode of SOB that aired shortly after my 30th birthday. Something about the vocal style really stuck with me.

Rainbow / Catch the Rainbow / Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow / Polydor Records

Kevin was a huge Rainbow fan in his formative years. This past Saturday, following the celebration of life, Kevin’s wife Dawn bestowed his old Rainbow World Tour ’81 hat upon me. It was and is an unparalleled honor to own and wear, and I would be remiss to not show my appreciation via the inclusion of one of their songs in tonight’s playlist.


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    Time: May 18 - 5:00:00 pm
  • In Search of Space (Remastered)

    Hawkwind, “You Shouldn't Do That”

    from In Search of Space (Remastered)

    Parlophone UK - 1996

  • Time: May 18 - 5:15:42 pm
  • Mugstar, “Zeta Potential”

    from GRAFT

    Centripetal Force - 2020

  • Time: May 18 - 5:23:13 pm
  • Ecstatic Vision, “You Got It (Or You Don't)”

    from Live at Dunajam

    Heavy Psych Sounds - 2023

  • Time: May 18 - 5:30:50 pm
  • Billion Year Spree

    Jet Jaguar, “Turbulent Mirrors”

    from Billion Year Spree

    [self-released] - 2015

  • Time: May 18 - 5:37:26 pm
  • Far Out

    Tadpoles, “Race You to the Mustard Patch”

    from Far Out

    Bakery Records - 1996

  • Time: May 18 - 5:42:02 pm
  • Power & Passion

    Mama's Boys, “The Professor II”

    from Power & Passion

    Pussy Records - 1985

  • Time: May 18 - 5:45:40 pm
  • Shire, “Vikings”

    from The Spirits Return

    [self-released] - 2005

  • Time: May 18 - 5:50:26 pm
  • Warfaring Strangers: Darkscorch Canticles

    Inside, “Wizzard King”

    from Warfaring Strangers: Darkscorch Canticles

    Numero Group - 2014

  • Time: May 18 - 5:52:29 pm
  • Sensoria

    Dhidalah, “Soma”

    from Sensoria

    Guruguru Brain - 2022

  • Time: May 18 - 6:01:36 pm
  • Dead Sea Apes, “Rewilding”

    from Rewilding

    Cardinal Fuzz - 2023

  • Time: May 18 - 6:08:43 pm
  • Dead Sea Apes, “Sixth Side of the Pentagon”

    from Spectral Domain

    Sunrise Ocean Bender; Cardinal Fuzz - 2015

  • Time: May 18 - 6:20:00 pm
  • Prana Crafter, “Enter the Stream”

    from Enter the Stream

    Sunrise Ocean Bender; Cardinal Fuzz - 2018

  • Time: May 18 - 6:25:05 pm
  • Sons of the Void, “Don't Forget to Pray”

    from Sons of the Void

    Sunrise Ocean Bender Records - 2016

  • Time: May 18 - 6:30:15 pm
  • Evening Fires, “Staring Down the Gullet of the Great Beyond part one”

    from Where I've Been Is Places and What I've Seen Is Things

    Sunrise Ocean Bender Records - 2015

  • Time: May 18 - 6:35:50 pm
  • E Gone, “Hazel Motes at the Plastic Vortex”

    from All the Suns of the Earth

    Deep Water Acres / Sunrise Ocean Bender - 2014

  • Time: May 18 - 6:45:29 pm

    SLIFT, “It's Coming...”

    from UMMON

    Vicious Circle Records - 2020

  • Time: May 18 - 6:53:58 pm
  • Rainbow, “Catch the Rainbow”

    from Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow

    Polydor Records - 1975

    Sunrise Ocean Bender / Altered Circuitry: ReWired    May 18th, 2023

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