Cosmic Connections presents:

When music from an unknown source fills the hull and minds of the crew of the I.S.S. Sanchez, it’s 3 person crew reacts with wonder and horror as it haunts them relentlessly from an unknown source somewhere in deep space….

PILOT: When deep space exploration first opened up to humanity, Hyper sleep wasn’t quite developed. You’d have a crew of 20 young men, boys really, go out into the void. By the time they would return, even when using a jump drive, you’d have two old men who could barely recall what had happened to them. That’s when the company designed the Hyper sleep protocol. I’ve heard rumors that the computer doesn’t even begin to tell you it has begun to infuse the ship with the anesthetic, but only informs you when it guesses your body will begin to react. The first spacers to experience it were left psychologically broken by the sudden blast of potent drugs that were blasted into the air with no warning, no smell, no druggie effects before it washes over you, kicking you to sleep.

Later generations have enjoyed such things like automated warnings, albeit maybe a couple minutes to late, and faint smells that somehow, everyone interpreted differently. I smelled rose oil in the air, and it reminded me of my mother for what seemed to be a long moment. I fought against the world falling away from me, tried to pry my eyes open when they would flutter for a moment too long, until they were locked shut against my will. I was back in the car passing the expanse of trees edging on meadow farmland. I was 12 years old, flying down the road sitting on a bench seat at my dad smoked with one hand and held the thin black steering wheel with another as we charged through washes of leaves across the asphalt. My dad turned his attention from the road, and in the specious logic of dreams I was now a man, wearing my issued fatigues and a full beard.

“Did you find what you were looking for, son?”
“I did, dad.”
“How was it.”
“Savage and beautiful.”
“There will be a lot of happy people. You did a great thing, you know.”

“I suppose so.”

We continued down the road, but never seeming to get any closer to home. I watched him continue to smoke his cigarette, the smell of the burning tobacco was that of mom’s rose oil. I found myself fished out of the dream, upwards and away, looking down on the asphalt snake of narrow country road, pulled up and away as fields fell away from me under my feet, and awoke in a medical bay. Instead of my dad, there was now a woman wearing a white coat looking down at a tablet pad that her fingers tapped impatiently at. She looked over the rim of it, then turned her attention back down and continued to tap.

“Good morning.” She said.

This week well be listening to OOIOO, Clap! Clap!, Linda Perhaps, Teebs, Siouxsie & The Banshees, Autechre and lots more!

Cosmic Connections is an anthology of music and stories. It is produced and directed by David Ace, and the stories are written by Charlie Wells.

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    Time: November 12 - 9:02:00 pm
  • Turiya Alice Coltrane & Devadip Carlos Santana, “Angel of Air / Angel of Water”

    from Illuminations

    Sony Music Entertainment - 1974

  • Time: November 12 - 9:08:00 pm
  • Parallelograms

    Linda Perhacs, “Hey, Who Really Cares? (Bonus: With Intro)”

    from Parallelograms

    ODL - 2008

  • Time: November 12 - 9:11:00 pm
  • Part One

    The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band, “I Won't Hurt You”

    from Part One

    Rhino/Warner Records - 1967

  • Time: November 12 - 9:13:00 pm
  • The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter

    The Incredible String Band, “The Water Song”

    from The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter

    Rhino/Elektra - 1968

  • Time: November 12 - 9:16:28 pm
  • Big Mama Thorton, “Wade in the Water”

    from Ball n’ Chain

    Smithsonian Folkways Recordings - 1968

  • Time: November 12 - 9:19:00 pm
  • Gold and Green

    OOIOO, “Mountain Book”

    from Gold and Green

    Thrill Jockey Records - 2005

  • Time: November 12 - 9:25:55 pm
  • Shlomoshun Deluxe

    Shlohmo, “Hot Boxing the Cockpit”

    from Shlomoshun Deluxe

    Friends Of Friends - 2010

  • Time: November 12 - 9:29:00 pm
  • Tinderbox (Remastered & Expanded)

    Siouxsie & The Banshees, “Lands End”

    from Tinderbox (Remastered & Expanded)

    UMC (Universal Music Catalogue) - 2009

  • Time: November 12 - 9:34:52 pm
  • Psychemagik Presents: Magik Sunset, Pt. 1

    Greg Sonnleitner, “Misunderstood”

    from Psychemagik Presents: Magik Sunset, Pt. 1

    Leng Records - 2015

  • Time: November 12 - 9:38:20 pm
  • Loaded (Remastered)

    The Velvet Underground, “Ocean (Session Outtake) [2015 Remastered]”

    from Loaded (Remastered)

    Rhino Atlantic - 2015

  • Time: November 12 - 9:43:55 pm
  • Brown Acid "the Fourth Trip"

    Stone Garden, “Oceans Inside Me”

    from Brown Acid "the Fourth Trip"

    RidingEasy Records - 2017

  • Time: November 12 - 9:46:26 pm
  • Self

    Quintessence, “Water Goddess”

    from Self

    Legacy Recordings - 1972

  • Time: November 12 - 10:02:45 pm
  • PRiMiTiVA - EP

    Low Leaf, “Aqueous Earth”

    from PRiMiTiVA - EP

    Fresh Selects - 2018

  • Time: November 12 - 10:04:13 pm
  • Book of Sound

    Hypnotic Brass Ensemble, “Kepra”

    from Book of Sound

    Honest Jon's Records - 2017

  • Time: November 12 - 10:11:43 pm
  • Human Energy

    Machinedrum, “Ocean of Thought”

    from Human Energy

    Ninja Tune - 2016

  • Time: November 12 - 10:12:50 pm
  • From the Archives, Vol. 3

    The Future Sound of London, “Made Contact Internal”

    from From the Archives, Vol. 3

    Future Sound Of London - 2012

  • Time: November 12 - 10:16:00 pm
  • EPs 1991 - 2002

    Autechre, “Gelk”

    from EPs 1991 - 2002

    Warp Records - 2011

  • Time: November 12 - 10:23:11 pm
  • Zenit & Nadir

    Dengue Dengue Dengue, “Pacos”

    from Zenit & Nadir

    Enchufada - 2019

  • Time: November 12 - 10:26:20 pm
  • E s t a r a

    Teebs, “Shoouss Lullaby”

    from E s t a r a

    Brainfeeder - 2014

  • Time: November 12 - 10:29:58 pm
  • Tayi Bebba

    Clap! Clap!, “The Holy Cave”

    from Tayi Bebba

    Black Acre Records - 2014

  • Time: November 12 - 10:32:50 pm
  • The Don of Diamond Dreams

    Shabazz Palaces, “Wet”

    from The Don of Diamond Dreams

    Sub Pop Records - 2020

  • Time: November 12 - 10:35:51 pm
  • Bad Vibes - 5th Anniversary Edition

    Shlohmo, “Sink”

    from Bad Vibes - 5th Anniversary Edition

    Friends of Friends - 2011

  • Time: November 12 - 10:40:38 pm
  • Ghost in the Shell - Koukaku Kidoutai (Original Soundtrack)

    Kenji Kawai, “Floating Museum”

    from Ghost in the Shell - Koukaku Kidoutai (Original Soundtrack)

    Ariola Japan - 1995

  • Time: November 12 - 10:45:21 pm
  • Environment Five

    The Future Sound of London, “Moments of Isolation”

    from Environment Five

    FSOLdigital - 2014

  • Time: November 12 - 10:51:42 pm
  • Sun Transformations

    Laraaji, “Laraajazzi (Natureboy Flako Remix)”

    from Sun Transformations

    All Saints Records - 2018

  • Time: November 12 - 10:54:45 pm
  • Black Forest / Black Sea, “I'm In Love...”

    from Forcefields and Constellations

    BlueSanct - 2004

  • Time: November 12 - 10:56:29 pm
  • Night Tunes Sleepyhead: White Noise Ambience to Sleep Relax (ASMR)

    Nutolina, “Submarine Sounds”

    from Night Tunes Sleepyhead: White Noise Ambience to Sleep Relax (ASMR)

    Nutolina - 2018

    Cosmic Connections    November 13th, 2023

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