Albert Costanzo (Aly) is a self-taught multi-media artist who lives on his farm in Orange, VA. His subject matter is inspired by close observation of nature, a wild imagination, and his 35 year career at the Pentagon. Aly uses art as an outlet for his endless curiosity. He says “I’m interested in everything: outer space, insects, airplanes, meteorology, physics, weather, especially how clouds are made and their changing shapes. I watch the sky everyday.”

Milk River Arts is a visual art studio that connects and empowers a neurodiverse community of artists. It is a partnership of Studio Two Three, a community art space in Richmond, Virginia that empowers artists to make art and make change.

Our Mouse Pad uses art created by Aly Costanzo. This image is from his series he called “the honeybees” and it was an all girl rock band he thought up. The image below the writing up top is a guitar so he thought it would be fitting. Unfortunately there is an existing “Honeybees” band, so we have renamed them “The WRIR House Band”. More to come on its members.

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