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「映画ラジオ」#7 🎞

Birthday week! Don’t mind all of my “incorporeal” shenanigans lately 😌 I want to share a very special piece today – a hymn to Gunma-ken and its mountains and rivers, also a journey of self discovery and continuity in a balance of fast living and pausal time. Kōhei Oguri’s film Sleeping Man (1996) is one of the most spiritual experiences I’ve came across inside Japanese cinema. And the beautiful music composed by contemporary classical stalwart Toshio Hosokawa made a difference. I picked a few extra songs and edited them all together. It’s a proper screening! Free entry, no trailers, pick a favorite gesture and tune in. Hope you’ll meet the sheep, catch the rainbow, hear the noh and see the butterfly. 1pm @wrir973 and

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    Banji Kaicho    February 26th, 2024

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