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“What the Fontaine?!: You never know what you’ll hear next on this fun mix of tunes from across the decades and musical genres.”

Tonight 9-11pmEDT I’m gonna play almost entirely RVA music. Next week Friday 9-11pm and Saturday 5-7pm I’ll re-air Dave Brockie interviews on the 10th anniversary of his death. Tune in to all!

(Sparklehorse album art: Robert Pokorny)
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Meat Beat Manifesto – United Nations

Sparklehorse – Some Sweet Day
The Rabbit – These Past Years

Manzara – When Pants Attack
Phil Pollard – A Language I Do Not Understand

Roma – Cigarettes, Knife, and a Cellular Phone
The Trillions – Parallelograms
Prabir Trio – Millions of Dollars

Pete Curry – Nobody’s Home
Fanfare – Spaces In-Between

X-Cops – Zipper Pig
GWAR – Gor-Gor

Shewolf – Past Shadows  [playing Banditos 4/19]
Human Thurma – Low Budget

RPG – Alcohol

Girls on Grass – Spill Your Guts  [playing Chilton House 3/27]

Dirtball – Little Only  [Wes Freed Day: 4/27 at Canal Club]
Mudd Helmut – Something’s Gotta Give

Beex – Black Boots and Pills  [playing Wes Freed Day]
White Cross – Pink Flamingo  [Greta on vocals]

Book of Wyrms – Meteoric Dagger
Loincloth – Trepanning
Lamb of God – The Number Six

Suppression – Release the Piranha (Into the Gene Pool)
The Amoeba Men – Animated Meat

Sordid Doctrine – Gasoline Man
Bowl Ethereal – The Witchery
Prisoner – Elapse

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    What the Fontaine?!    March 15th, 2024

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