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This week I get to highlight one of my favorite albums ever, Graham Parker & The Rumour’s 1979 album Squeezing Out Sparks.  They changed direction a bit, from the pub rock of their first 3 albums to join the Angry Young Men club with Elvis Costello & Joe Jackson.  It’s criminal he’s not gotten more credit for his long career. Graham appeared as himself in fan Judd Apatow’s comedy This is 40, in a plot-line about that very thing.

Other highlights this week include:
Birthday milestones from ‘Til Tuesday, The Cars, Wall of Voodoo and Placebo
In Memoriam milestones celebrating the music of Shawn Smith and Kurt Cobain
Release anniversary milestones from Manchester Orchestra, Circa Waves, and Modest Mouse

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    Alternative Milestones    April 4th, 2024

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