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We made it to episode 30. This episode features very talented visual and audio wizard, SA Mayer, who also happens to be a good friend of mine. For this one, his half of the show was a mix including some recent rare CD rips, chants from the Decrees, TNT Roots dub, and much more hidden gems, including 4 new productions by him. For my half, I did the usual–mostly newly released music from rare artists, mostly ambient but it gets groovy. There is a new Pinecone Moonshine release on there, and some deep-fried internet baile remixes. So its not too lofty. There is also no tracklist for this episode per SA’s request. Anyway, enjoy, thank you for listening. Happy to have made it this far. Is this thing on?

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    Time: May 7 - 9:01:37 am
  • Finding Sounds, “Ep 30 w SA Mayer: "At Least When The Four Horsemen Pass Over,"”

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    Finding Sounds    May 7th, 2024

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