A Drone’s Life presents:

DJ Freyja calms your week down with some drone, ambient, and noise. Let’s get chill for the end of the week. Highlighting the Queens of Drone again this week..

Find her on Twitter, Mastodon and Tribel as @CarolOlson,  Instagram @carolaolson,


    Time: May 8 - 9:01:00 pm
  • In a Moments of Admiration

    Brómus, “In a Moments of Admiration (Part I)”

    from In a Moments of Admiration

    Brómus - 2021

  • Time: May 8 - 10:08:00 pm
  • Until Then

    Desolate Horizons, “I'll Try Not to Forget”

    from Until Then

    Nettwerk Music Group - 2020

  • Time: May 8 - 10:38:00 pm
  • ToBeContinued... Live 2017 - EP

    Amplidyne Effect, “ToBeContinued... Live 2017”

    from ToBeContinued... Live 2017 - EP

    AMPEFF - 2017

    A Drone’s Life    May 9th, 2024

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