The Short Version

The new process for submitting tickets for problems at the station, requests, website issues, and requesting an audio engineer is simple. It now lives separate from WordPress as a dedicated ticketing system that you can submit tickets to via the WRIR website or email:



If you’d like to learn more about the process, follow along below.

Ticket Submission Process

The ticket system is located at

Sending an email or submitting a ticket through the website will automatically add a ticket to our system. Upon submission of your ticket, an account will be created automatically for you. We encourage everyone to use these accounts, but it’s not required. You will be notified of changes to your ticket via email and you can respond directly to those emails. Setting up an account will allow you to track all your tickets in one place and respond via the help desk website.

You can also lookup a ticket using your email and the ticket number by submitting this form on the website:

We have enabled Google authentication as well. If you have a Gmail account (all WRIR email addresses are Gmail accounts), you can register by clicking the “Sign in with Google” button on the registration page:

Ticket Submission Form

Just like the previous ticketing system in WordPress, there are a few fields to fill out when submitting a new ticket. Please remember to use your WRIR email, if you have one.

By selecting an option from the “Choose a help topic” drop down, you may be presented with additional fields to fill out. For example, requesting an audio engineer requires the date, time, show name, etc for the request.

When you submit a ticket for the first time you will receive two emails: 1 with your account’s username and password and 1 with ticket details, including the ticket ID. You can respond directly to these emails and they will update the ticket appropriately.


Can I use the same username and password as my WordPress account?

No. This is a separate account, but you can sign in with your Google account to help reduce the number of passwords you have to memorize.

What happened to the old ticketing system?

The plugin author decided to start charging for it without warning, rendering our version of the plugin unusable. It was on our list of things to address/replace, so we took the opportunity to come up with something (hopefully) better.

If you visit the old ticket url:, you will be directed to the new ticketing system.

Where are all my old tickets?

If they were in the old system, they were received and will be ported over to the new system soon.

Can I still use Facebook?

The primary place to get support from the Operations team, the Website team, and Audio Engineers is through the help desk. You can still submit questions and comments via Facebook, but there’s a chance we’ll miss it.

I don’t like this. Who do I complain to?

You can complain to Mike Garrett. He would love to talk about these changes to find a way to make them work better for you. Email him at [email protected]