Stunted Development



Devo – Freedom of Choice (theme)
Hi-Hopes – Raindrops Keep Fallin’ on My Head
Stevenson Phillips – Mary & Her Mother
Bob Curlee & Rick Carpenter – You Can’t Get Drunk if You Don’t Drink
Mr T – Talk to Strangers
Shooby Taylor – Ring of Fire
Bobb Trimble – Waves of Confusion in Puzzled Times
Big Audio Dynamite – V Thirteen
Tom Lehrer – She’s My Girl
Mrs McWiggin – Phone Calls
Lil’ Markie – Diary of an Unborn Child
Blowfly – Should I Lay this Big Fat Ho?
The Raybeats – Calhoun Surf
Cheech & Chong – The Strawberry Revival Festival
Tommy Jay – Ocean
Sound 8 – Music for Family Fun
Heather Bishop – I Love Women
Richard Pryor – Girls
Michael Strange – Moore
Robert Ravis – My Believing Heartt
Pat Campbell – Silent Worship
Daniel Johnston – King Kong
Firesign Theatre – Police Street