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Filling in for Mr. Sunshine!


Artist Song Album Record Label Year/Comments
Paul Simon The Werewolf Stranger To Stranger
Regina Spektor Small Bill$ Remember Us To Life Sire
Bunbury Corre Por La Jungla Quiero Creedence
C.A.M.P.O.S. Transamerica Miracles and Criminals
Lescop Derange
Blood Orange E.V.P.
Pete Curry Shoreline (I'll Be Waiting) Doin' Nothin'
Lightfields Feelings Feelings
Grass Panther I Wanna Be Into You Vignette
Clair Morgan Rogue Island New Lions and the Not Good Night
Avers Vampire
Get In The Car Apartment Full of Flowers Get In The Car
The Faint Young And Realistic Capsule: 1999-2016
The Rolling Stones All Your Love Blue and Lonesome
Thao and the Get Down Stay Down Meticulous Bird A Man Alive
The Peep Temple Go Slow Joy
Gap Dream 153 This is Gap Dream
The Notwist Close To The Glass Superheros Ghostvillians and Stuff
Vanishing Twin Choose Your Own Adventure Choose Your Own Adventure
The Lemon Twigs I Wanna Prove To You Do Hollywood
Ricky Eat Acid Climbing Up The Big Red Tree
Hope Sandoval and the Warm Inventions Into The Trees Until the Hunter
The Communist Daughter All Lit Up The Cracks That Built the Wall
C.A.M.P.O.S Dream of the Bell Flower
Sao Paulo Underground Olhaulai
La Femme Tatianna
Colour of Paradise Jagwar Ma

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