Stunted Development

Bright Lights Big City


Devo – Freedom of Choice (theme)
BB King – Help the Poor
Queen – Death on Two Legs
Susan Boyle – Perfect Day
Fine Young Cannibals – Suspicious Minds
Gary Wilson – Swinging with Karen
Jimmy Reed – Bright Lights Big City
Bill O’Reilly – The O’Reilly Factor for Kids (intro)
Steve Martin – Grandmother’s Song
Lambs Eat Ivy – My Bhudda has Orbs
Little Marcy – Little Robin Redbreast
Lucifer – The Evil
Make it in Rockford – Say Hello to Rockford
Charlton Heston – Baptism
KenXtions – The Laundromat
Old Dark House – Heaven & Hell
Pat Campbell – Silent Worship
The Shaggs – My Pal Foot Foot
Jon Benjamin – Deal with the Devil
The Eagles – Too Many Hands
Chinga Chavin – Cum Unto Jesus
The Goldwaters – It’s Over Now/Win in ’64
The Exciting Racing Sounds of Grand Prix – Belgium Grand Prix
Lou Reed – Foot of Pride
Eddie Furman – Jobs I’d Like to Have
Hunter S Thompson – Terry the Tramp Interview #2
Casiotone for the Painfully Alone – I Should have Kissed You When I had a Chance
Blackfoot – Highway Song
Dana Brown – A Night in the Jungle (side one)