If Music Could Talk

If Music Could Talk – Jan 22 2017


Channel One – Ragnapaiza Version
Channel One – Jail House Version
The Revolutionaries – A.N.C.
Harry Mudie and King Tubby – Dub With a Difference
Harry Mudie and King Tubby – Caught You Dubbing
Horace Andy – See A Man’s Face
The Clash – Ghetto Defendant
the Clash – Innoculated City
Husker Du – New Day Rising
Bad Brains – Supertouch/Shitfit
Bad Brains – Destroy Babylon
BAd Brains – F.V.K.
Fishbone – End the Reign
Fishbone – Pouring Rain
Patti Smith – Ask The Angels
The Clash – Clash City Rockers
Minor threat – Think Again
D.O.A. – Nazi Training Camp
D.O.A. – None but The Brave
Prong – Prove you Wrong
Metallica – Jump in the Fire
Black Sabbath – Children of The Grave
Suicidal Tendencies – The Miracle
Jane’s Addiction – Idiots Rule
IAMX – The Stupid The Proud
TOOL – Eulogy
Ministry – Never Believe
Nine Inch Nails – Burning Bright
Dinosaur Jr – Little Fury Things
The Buzzcocks Why She’s a Girl From the Chainstore
Black Flag – Police Story
Scratch Acid – Damned for All Time
Husker Du – Ice Cold Ice
EPMD – SO Watcha Sayin