Mid Atlantic Jams / House Music Sessions

PANDEMIC #001: Rivington Fire Escape




This right here is a new show. Straw (Purple Tape Pedigree) & Chino Amobi (boss of NON Worldwide) bring the abstract to the dance floor, spotlighting leftfield, out-of-bounds, non-normative tunes every week. Tonight we got brand new stuff coming up on Hyperdub, PTP, Crazylegs, and a slew of other ways to give you mood whiplash, then go home and watch Blade Runner.

Artist Song Album Record Label Year/Comments
Glass Transfer GENG Unreleased ----- 2016
Tuff Whisper GILA Unreleased (forthcoming) XL 2016
Grave Within a Grave LIL UGLY MANE Oblivion Access self-released 2015
Self Realization DarkTwaine Unreleased ----- 2016
No Justice (Spurz Remix) Pinch Unreleased (Dubplate) ----- 2016
Dragliner EAVES Unreleased ----- 2016
Perfect World Uniform Perfect World 12XU
In Bars or Something Moving BAMBARA SWARM Arrowhawk 2016
Bodily Celestial Trax From the Womb EP Purple Tape Pedigree 2016
Helix Copout Forces EP (forthcoming) Purple Tape Pedigree 2016
Bulldoze Walton Bulldoze EP Tectonic 2015
A Bluish Shadow Kowton Utility 2016
Rebound Color Plus Unreleased 2016
QOSSIP QURL BOOTLEG BEADS x Tigga Calore Unreleased 2016
Doesn't Really Matter Angel Ho Why don't you look at their SoundCloud? 2016
The Sinner Farai NON Compilation Volume 1 NON Worldwide 2016
Theatres of War Chino Amobi Unreleased NON Worldwide 2016
Dolls' Polyphony Geinoh Yamashirogumi AKIRA Soundtrack JVC 1989
WASP Riko Dan Unreleased 2015
Knew Izy How the Hell is Me Bootleg Tapes 2016
The Realness Babyfather BBF Hyperdub 2016
French Girls Mall Grab Sun Ra EP 2016
Fallen (feat. Organ Tapes) ENDGAME Flesh EP Hyperdub (forthcoming July 24) 2016
Salon Room NHC Hague Basement HER Records 2016
Rochester Way Gage Mercury EP Crazylegs 2016
Pessimism James Blake Unreleased (yes, this is real) I dunno, Dubstepforum prolly 2008
Damaged Merc M.E.S.H. Damaged Merc PAN 2016
Alsatian (Beneath Remix) Facta Alsatian / Scotch Mist 2016
No Show Color Plus Unreleased ? 2016
Wanting Some, Getting Some Trap Door x Ra's Al Fatale Body Horror I Purple Tape Pedigree 2015
Set You Via App 7 Headed EP 1080p 2016
Johnny Utterback Chino Amobi Unreleased NON Worldwide 2016
Say It Right (EAVES Remix) Nelly Furtado Unreleased Purple Tape Pedigree 2016

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